Join-In Full Day Cruise - Koh Hong / Railay / Chicken and Poda Island / Koh Kai Nok


The Cruise

It is another beautiful morning in Phuket, and the rest is just waiting for you to find out.

At your doorsteps you will be picked up by our shuttle bus and transferred to Phuket’s Boat Lagoon Marina where you and other joining members will board our 42-foot super-slick Perfecta.

  • Foods and drinks–checked.

  • Suntan lotion–checked.

  • Snorkel gear–checked.

Off we go.

It will take us about an hour to get to Koh Hong which is fast enough to beat the crowd.

At this paradise island, you can swim and snorkel, seeing through your mask the wonderful and the colorful lives of the underwater world.

If that is too early, how does a light morning snack on a quite beach sound to you?

But if not enough action, then you sure will be glad that our next destination and also our lunch stop is the infamous Railay Beach of Krabi.

Some of the world's most amazing limestone cliffs are calling for you at Railay.

Despite that it is a peninsula, due to the height of the cliffs which does not permit any types of ground transportation from the outside, Railay over the years has been able to preserve its village-like atmosphere that you rarely see elsewhere.

After lunch there, time can be well spent, watching some of the avid and perhaps the world’s best rock climbers scaling their way up the maze-like orange and black walls, walking on the white sand beaches around the peninsula, or simply sitting by a palm tree, sipping a nice cold drink, thinking of what life would be if you were an islander.

Then it is time for another plunge in the sea to cool you off and there is no better place than Chicken and Poda Island.

There, the turquoise water is so clear and so full of life that you do not really have to snorkel and the beach is so white and so vast that you and your new found friends can essentially hold an international football match.

Leaving the island we head for our last, but not least, destination of the day.

Koh Kai Nok means Egg Island in Thai due to–what else–but its egg-like shape and is often referred to as Paradise Island.

There you might not want to swim and snorkel anymore, but it's not a problem.

The late afternoon sun will be just about right for you to munch some snacks, sip a drink, chat about the night fun to come, or just stealing some Z's.

Unless we decide to sneak away and leave you alone on the deserted beach, by 16:00 you should be on your way back to the BIG island.

And just before you call it a day, while you are on the front deck, look out at the open sea, you might be lucky enough to have some friendly dolphins to bodyguard you back all the way to the Lagoon.


Hour by hour
07:30 Pick up from hotel.
08:15 Depart Boat Lagoon.
09:15 Arrive to Koh Hong, Snorkel and swim.
10:15 Depart from Koh Hong.
12:00 Arrive to Railay Beach, Lunch and stroll around the peninsula.
13:30 Depart from Railay Beach.
13:45 Arrive at Chicken / Poda Island, Snorkel and swim.
15:00 Depart from Chicken Island.
16:00 Cruise by Koh Kai Nok, Dolphin Safari.
17:00 Arrive at Boat Lagoon, transfer back to hotel




  • Monday
  • Wednesday
  • Sunday


  • Insurance

  • Snorkel gear

  • Continental breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Snacks

  • Soft drinks

  • Transfer (Within Phuket)

  • Cruise Director


  • US$ 75 / per person

  • 3 - 12 years -50%

  • Under 3 years free

  • Private Charter from US$ 1,100